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A glass mug of Korean banana milk on a yellow napkin.

Korean Banana Milk

  • 著者: アシャ
  • 準備: 1分
  • 合計時間: 1分
  • 分量: 1 人分 1x
  • 分類: ドリンク
  • 国: 韓国


Slightly sweet and deliciously flavoured milk with real banana and a hint of vanilla, Korean banana milk is famous for a reason. This drink is refined sugar-free, and can be made vegan and dairy-free.



1 ripe banana, medium-sized, broken into large pieces

½カップ (118 ml) milk - whole, 2%, or skim (see note for dairy-free option*)

½カップ (118 ml) ice cold water

2 小さじ maple syrup**

1/8 小さじ バニラエキストラクト


Add all ingredient into a ミキサー. (Or put into a container to blend with an immersion blender.) Blend until completely smooth.

Serve immediately. This drink is best served cold, which is why you use ice cold water to make it. Although not traditional, you can serve with ice cubes to keep it chilled.


* To make a dairy-free and vegan version of this drink, simply swap the milk for an equal amount of unsweetened oat milk. Oat milk has the closest resemblance to milk, making it the best substitute for this recipe.

** If you don't have maple syrup, I recommend substituting it with honey (2.5 tsp). The original Binggrae drink contains some light floral notes, which the maple syrup and honey add. Granulated sugar (1.5 tsp) can be used instead, but you will be missing the floral taste. 

You can store banana milk in the fridge for up to two days. However, the banana will get darker as it sits. Separation will occur as well, which can be resolved by shaking or whisking. This drink is best served immediately.


  • 1食あたり:
  • カロリー: 183
  • 糖質: 28.8 g
  • 塩分: 59 mg
  • 脂質: 0.5 g
  • 炭水化物: 42 g
  • タンパク質: 5.4 g
  • コレステロール: 2.5 mg

キーワード: 韓国風バナナミルク

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